3D Slicer Basic Overview

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Quick breakdown


  • Best GUI out of all software (due to Mac's ease of use)
  • Extremely basic and easy to use
  • Powerful volumetric rendering capabilities
  • Open source and very prosperous future with plenty of community support and explorations


  • Mac ONLY and we do not have a powerful portable mac system
  • No known configuration to fully utilize 3D stereo projection!
  • No 3D segmentation editor other than volumetric editor

Bottom Line

If you need to segment any structures, don't use OsiriX. If you need to look at the 3D volumes instead of specific structures, OsiriX is more powerful and easier to use than others and provides better rendering results in GENERAL. OsiriX is also much easier for regular 2D dicom slide visualizations. So far, we have not been able to utilize OsiriX to its maximum power due to the lack of expertise in the field. Hopefully if you are reading this, you are becoming the leading expert in this.

This section of wiki is devoted to the discovery and proper utilization of Slicer 3D.

Loading Dicom

Models: Load Model Directory Allow all DICOM



3D visualization