3D Stereo Projection

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How to setup 3D projection

Basic projection theory

We use passive projection technology to convey stereo 3D medium. Two projectors are used with each projector polarized differently allowing each eye to visualize different images and produce the final different result.

For more theory aspect and the way stereoscopy works, check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereoscopy

For more information about passive projection: http://www.barco.com/entertainment/en/stereoscopic/passive.asp

Fore more information about active projection: http://www.barco.com/entertainment/en/stereoscopic/active.asp

How to configure screen

The Windows computer is configured to project two different screens.


Right click anywhere on the desktop and click properties. Change the display options and make sure the resolution is correct (1024*768 or less for optimal projection for the shuttle)


Make sure you try to overlap the two screens together to produce the best result. Use the background grid to help with the alignment. The metal projector holder should allow enough flexibilities.