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Quick breakdown


  • Best GUI on Windows
  • Cross platform (although we only have windows license)
  • Preconfigured to work well with 3D stereo projection
  • Best segmentation editor with very intuitive ease of use


  • Proprietary code
  • limited future due to extremely rare usage in the field and lack of community support.
  • Closed source

Bottom Line

If you need to segment any structures, I recommend the use of Amira over Slicer 3D. However, if you wish to do anything highly innovative or quick preview/render, don't even touch Amira as the learning curve is a bit steep. Its segmentation capability has been very well explored by the individuals in the lab.

Amira Movies

If you want to export an already made movie in Amira, make sure you do it on a Windows computer.

-Open file

-Find a blue DemoMaker button and rightclick it then choose MovieMaker.

-Adjust the file name and destination as needed

-Keep the type as monoscopic

-Select RGBA for format and increase frames to increase the time of the video.

-Select apply.

More Resources

This section of wiki is devoted to the discovery and proper utilization of Amira.

If you have any questions, bug Tim. He'll hunt me down and squeeze information out of me.--Yang

General Amira Information

Amira Quirks

Amira Basic Workflow

Creating Hotkeys Opening Files


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