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This is the network that was origianlly created by Patrick Barthelemy and Hartmut Schirmacher that has been updated by Admin to work with 4.1.1 and 5.2.1

Here are the details you need to know.



For more details check Amira.hx

Everything is CRITICALLY programmed by a central network called AMIRA.HX

This .HX network file is a custom made file and not created by Amira. It is artificially written using TCL such that it achieves way more than a regular amira network and can server as a Amira DEMO purposes.

You will most likely adjust Amira.hx with minor twix to update it to work well with future versions of Amira.

Here is a BU of the origianly AmiraDemo 3.1 should you accidentally overwrite it.


Amira.hx will subsequently load other .hx and other assets in the demo folder to eventually accomplish loading of everything.

Here are the files that amira subsequently load:

load $SCRIPTDIR/DemosConfig.hx

load $SCRIPTDIR/DemoShared/hxfix.hx

Demos Configuration


Demos HTML

Demo Html: This HTML is dynamically generated when Amira.hx is run.

Demos Script

Demos Shown: Listed the demo that will be included. Demo Script: These are the script which are loaded when you click on any icon that represent

Demos Configuration File

DemosConfig.hx: This file contains the actual main configuration you can tweak without going through the code.