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Two books we MUST get:

One of these two books are in the library also but I would highly recommend them since they are essentially the graphic gallery of the databset in books.

"Atlas of the visible human male - Reverse Engineering of the Human Body" By Victor M. Spitzer, David G. Whitlock

"Atlas of the Visible Human Female" By Victor M. Spitzer, David G. Whitlock


2.5 inch HDD

Divide it into a few partitions. Must also be able to at least stand 2 meter drop and shock resistant.

iomega eGo Helium 34491 500GB 5400 RPM Portable Hard Drive (this one is shock resistant) 51" drop resistant.


Freecom ThoughDrive 2m drop resistant.



3.5 inch HDD

(<$150) 7200RPM >1TB SATA Here are a list of useful ones.

Need this for Time Machine backup.

Network Drive

This can directly plug into LAN but will be down during power outage! Ideal for remote backup solution. [4]


DVD+ or DVD-. 50~100 DVD Spindle is good enough.