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Summer 2009:

Software & Hardware Budgets: $2000~4000?

Amira Technology Investigation Aspect

  • Mostly complete. All useful discoveries are being documented in this Wiki
  • Code/Customized Command via Script was accomplished from last summer's research
  • Summer goal:
    • Complete Documentation
    • Simple Tutorial
    • Video Tutorial

Slicer Technology Investigation Aspect

  • How to Achieve Segementation
  • How to Generate Surface/Raytracing 3D structures
  • Investigate the potential of Slicer in other aspect of applications


  • Fovia Plug In Investigation

Programming Aspect Investigation

  • 3D Tracking Project

Distribution and Visualization Aspect Investigation

  • realXtend
    • Import a complete model
    • Tracking avator movement orientation (there!)
    • Tracking Interactions with models
    • Tracking Communication (not yet)
    • Setup at least ONE SERVER (and steps to do that) that allows connection from LAN and successfully track the user
  • Publication of preliminary findings

Other Investigations/Projects

  • Server Automount
  • File/Server Organization
  • Publish our findings