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[[Category:Amira||Amira Demo]]
[[Category:Amira Demo]]

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General Coding Tips

   * Change any normal bracket () to curly bracket before input. This is due to Kiwi does not allow curly bracket in text. 
   * Main Amira initilization scripting: 
   * $(AMIRA_ROOT)/share/resources/amira.ini
   * Commonly used variables in Amira Scripts
   * $(AMIRA_ROOT) refers the to directories where Amira is installed
   * $(SCRIPTDIR) refers the to directories where the Amira script network is located (the .hx file)
   * In order to make 3D menu... MUST define it first, then show it.
   * Teaching demo creation (COMPLETE)
         o Integration with Amira 3.1 Demos
         o Some minor scripting required. Grad students presentation is integrated as well.
   * All Amira script starts with "# Amira Script"
   * Anyline starting with "#" symbol will be comments and will not be read by the computer.
   * Normal syntax for modifying any properties via code or console is to enter:

Demo Coding Tips

   * Firstly: always give credit to those who have coded before you... the authors of the original Amira 3.1 Demo Code is by Patrick Barthelemy (patrick@tgs.com) and Hartmut Schirmacher (hartmut@tgs.com). Thank them for their hard work to which we modified upon.
   * Dmoe Script Explaination
   * Demo Folder Directory Structures
   * Whenever you want to insert a NEW demo into the bunch, here is what you do:
         o Save the demo into folder DemoScripts
         o Edit DemosList.txt by adding your script name (eg. AnneDemo.hx), categories (eg. Master Projects), and description (not too important)
               + In order to avoid a pop up error, you MUST include a CameraPath.CIV file into the "[script name]-files"
               + It doesn't matter what camerapath you define, it is VERY important that you have that, since the FOOT.HX looks for it and if it does not exist, it will give errors! (which is not what you want in Presentations)
               + NOTE THIS: if you included a CameraPath.CIV, the FIRST key frame of that WILL DEFINE where the initial startup camera position
         o Save a ICON.PNG file of your desired icon representation of your project that which will be loaded up inside the AmiraVR menu
         o Save a DESCRIPTION.TXT file of your desired project that which will be loaded inside the AmiraVR help menu.
   * Demo 3D menu integration! (COMPLETE)
         o Completely ready as I have modified the original source files to include 3D menus and now the full demoes can be launched from the 3D menus
   * 3D pointer
         o Ability to point in STEREO mode (COMPLETE)
               + Using TrackD integration with Patriot tracking system
               + Amira has built in Wand for Stereo mode