Basic Terminologies

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  • A square display unit. All 2D pictures are composed of pixels.
  • A 3 pixel by 3 pixel pictures contains 9 pixels.
  • Pixel is flat with unit length of 1 and width of 1.


  • A cube display unit.All 3D data sets are made from voxels.
  • A 3 voxel by 3 voxel by 3 voxel matrix contains 27 voxels.
  • voxel is 3D and has length of 1 and width of 1 and height of 1.

Two Dimensional Imaging (eg. Histology): Data measurment including length and width.

  • NOTE: histology is always considered 2D but it does include height. Hence if you are given many histological slices, you can reconstitute them into a 3D data set as well.

Three Dimensional Imaging (eg. Modeling, plastic, virtual,etc): Data measurement including height, length and width.

  • Note: Model is considered 3D most of the time. However, once you start dynamically swapping 3D data sets (eg. a heart beating through time). Hence, a series of 3D data sets of relevant structures are considered 4D.

Four Dimensional Imaging: Data measurement including height, length, width and time. Time is the key here. This is the hardest dataset to work with. Make sure you recycle lable should it be necessary.


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