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To direct load Amira in stereo mode, follow these steps:

Remember, you can allow Amira direct boot into Stereo mode on any computer but what I describe below are for the Shuttle

First, you need to finish editing your .hx network for presentation. So make whatever final change necessary and STOP TOUCHING it after you done saving it.

Then after that, you NEED to open the .hx file using an editor such as Notepad++ (if not installed, go hunt Tim down about it). When you open it up... it will look like File:Demo.pdf.

Yes, .hx file is essentially a text file telling Amira what to do... SO, by using that to our advantage, add a line at the very bottom: "source ${AMIRA_ROOT}/share/resources/vrconfig.txt" without the quotation marks. This tells the amira to LOAD UP the file called "VRconfig.txt at the location where Amira is installed within the folder tree /share/resources/.

So, add that, save and exist notepad++.

Now, you told the .hx network file where to load the vrconfig file, you still NEED to make up that txt file to carry out the desired function.

Lucky for you, I am too lazy for pranks so I'll just give you the file here:

Copy these text word for word (watch for spaces):

create HxTracking AmiraVR
AmiraVR config setOptValue 10
AmiraVR fire
proc onKeyF12 {} {
    echo "Switching viewer 0 to stereo"
    AmiraVR config setOptValue 10
    AmiraVR fire
proc onKeyF11 {} {
    echo "Switching viewer 0 to mono"
    AmiraVR config setOptValue 0
    AmiraVR fire

Make sure you save the text you copied into a .txt file and name it "vrconfig.txt" and put it int he right place where it belongs (where Amira is installed within the folder tree /share/resources/, just like the expression "${AMIRA_ROOT}/share/resources/vrconfig.txt" ).

This code automatically creates a HxTracking Stereo module and set its value to 10 which is the Passive-Display Stereo. You can use F12 to turn on stereo and use F11 to turn off stereo.