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[[OsiriX (Software)]]
== '''''Osirix Preference Settings''''' ==
== '''''Osirix Preference Settings''''' ==

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OsiriX (Software)

Osirix Preference Settings

To get Osirix to check for new updates

Open Osirix Select "Preferences" Go to "General" Check box labled "Check automatically for updates at start-up time"

This option is useful because is enables you to have the latest version of Osirix at all times while working with the application.

To change database settings

In preference window, click on right arrow to arrive in database settings Click on "copy files to Osirix data folder"and be sure to select "ask the user" box While in this window, it is possible to change the database settings according to personal preference and organizational needs.

Checking "ask the user" is useful because anytime data comes into Osirix the system will ask user if the user wants to import that data

To change comments field (very important for organizing data for multiple users)

In Database Preference menu, go to comments box In "use this DICOM value to fill it" field, change element to 1060

This Allows Osirix database to pull a DICOM element out of data and display it in Database view, useful for creating a worklist for multiple users.

To set up "hanging protocols"

Changing the hanging protocols allows you to specify how many view ports are available on screen

Useful for deciding size and number of view ports that will best fit screen, listen ports, and uses

In preferences, click on right arrow until you arrive at protocol settings Change modality to CT Change number of rows to 2 Change number of columns to 3 Do this again with MR modality Then click on show all and click on listener

The protocol settings contain 3 important options: AETitle for the computer, TCP/IP port number and TCP/IP address This information is needed in order so that IT administrator s can allow Osirix to communicate with other modalities , servers, and other nodes on DICOM network At bottom of this screen, is another option. "Publish my DICOM node over network through Bonjour protocol". Leave this checked in because this allows different Osirix workstations to communicate with each other.

To enter parameters for another Osirix Workstation

Click on locations These settings are the IP address, AETitle, and port number for other DICOM nodes on the network Double click on address Enter appropriate IP address Type AETitle in. It is important that this be done with no errors. It is case sensitive Type in port And type in appropriate description. It may be anything you like Leave transfer syntax option as is

To change print preferences

In preferences, click on print and click on + sign, options for print layout, settings, and job should become available Adjust to appropriate print settings on this screen Osirix works with all DICOM printers

Close preferences windows, and always close Osirix by clicking on quit Osirix in the Osirix menu to save preferences