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Server Management

You must be in the group of Network Administrator in order to manage the server.

Current People that have management right of server:

Tim Wilson

Admin (local account, hence have limited network admin capability but maximum server system management capability)

User Group Management

Spotlight search "Workgroup Manager"

It will ask for Address: Hyperion.local For the user name and password, you must use an network administrator account in order to login.

Once logged in, make sure below the row of buttons that says "Server Admin", "Accounts", "Preferences"... etc, it says "Authenticated as XXXXXXX to directory: /LDAPv3/"

Only when you have this would you be able to edit the access list.

So far, it should list all the users currently have access to the CRIPT network.

Adding Users

Hit the "New User" button that's the 4th one from the left among the top row of buttons.

You need the "Name", and password.

Once hit SAVE... you would be able to create the account.

!Be careful, this page allows change of ALL member password so please keep it secure. In addition, make sure that you type the name correctly. Do not try to delete any account. It somehow leads to really weird problems.

Changing User Passwrod

Select the username in the Workgroup Manager

Change the passwrod and verify it on the right side and hit save.

Server File Management

There are two physical HDD in Server Hyperion. "Macintosh HD" drive is the HDD that stores the system. "DATA" is the one that houses all the CRIPT database and SHOULD be regularly backed up to time machine.

For information on organization, see Server Folder Organization page.