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Setting Up Local Server

Original Source:

Configuring the authentication

  1. Open ..\authentication\HttpSettings.xml
  2. Set the address to your machine's external IP. It should be different than (The easiest way to find out your external IP is to use an online service such as for example If you need to know your local network IP do this: Hit Left Windows button+R button simultaneously, type cmd to the opened dialog, press enter, type ipconfig to the command prompt which opened and hit enter). Save and close.
  3. Open ..\authentication\AuthenticationSettings.xml
  4. Set the default_avatar_storage_url to point to the external IP address of the avatar server machine. Set default_grid_url to point to the external IP address of the rexserver machine. Leave the port numbers to the end of these addresses. Save and close.

Configuring the avatar storage

  1. Open ..\avatarstorage\HttpSettings.xml
  2. Set the address to your machine's external IP. Save and close.

Configuring the rexserver

  1. Open ..\rexserver\regions\default.xml file
  2. Change the external_host_name parameter to your machine's external IP address. Save and close.

Starting up

  1. Now start all the servers by activating StartStandaloneRexServer.bat (or in some packages StartServices.bat).
  • NOTE: at the moment, you cannot login using the test account yet (at least I have not been able to do so). You need to setup an independent account in order to test whether server is setup up properly or not.

Creating New User Account

Original Source:

Switch to console window of "Authentication.exe".

Type "create user" without the quotation mark to initiate the user creation process.

  1. First name: First name of the user (visible on top of the avatar)
  2. Last name: Last name of the user (visible on top of the avatar)
  3. Account: The account name used when logging in.
  4. Real name: The real name of the user, not used anywhere at the moment
  5. Password: Password for user.
  6. Avatar storage url: If you have set the avatar storage ip correctly, just press enter to use the default url.
  7. Grid url: If you have set the home grid url in the settings, just press enter to use the default.
  8. Start Region X, Start Region Y: X and Y coordinates of the Authentication Server Home Grid. These are usually 1000 so just press enter to use the default.

Create New Land


rexserver\Regions\ Create a new xml file with following info: Everything in RED should be changed.

Create New Land Configuration File




  • NOTE: You can obtain UUID from [1]








  • NOTE: this should be your own IP.











Configure Right Land Height

Switch to "OpenSim" command window and type:

change-region Middle
  • NOTE: replace red part with whatever your region name is.
terrain fill 22
terrain bake

Open Ports for Authentication

Original Source: authentication\Authentication.exe

   * TCP port 10001 


   * TCP port 10000 


   * UDP port 9000
   * TCP port 9000
   * TCP port 12000 (voice chat)
   * TCP port 53134 (voice chat)