Saving Files in Amira

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When saving files in Amira, you must save it as a Pack and Go network to save both the Script and data files (2 separate pieces).

How to

1. File > Save Network As. This will cause a Save Network window to open.

2. Find the file you wish to save this in.

3. Type in a File Name and then choose from the bottom right dropdown box (next to the cancel button) Amira Script and data files (pack & go)(.hx) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

4. Click Save

Your 2 saved files should now pop up -- 1 red amira file entitled with your file name, and 1 file folder file entitled with your file name-files.

When ever you save a new copy of your file, you must ensure that it is saved as a Pack and Go network. If it is not you WILL NOT be able to open your file.

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