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  1. Any time Amira says it cannot save something or cannot write to some place. Stop whatever you are doing. Call the administrator if you don't want to lose your work.
  2. Read out the above rule aloud 5 times.
  3. Backup DAILY if you are lazy. If you are not a risk taker, backup HOURLY. Amira likes to kill files and make them magically disappear.
  4. Never overwrite unless you know preciseley what's in the file you are overwriting. Deletion can be potentially recover, a not-saved or overwritten file will die and never become part of the reincarnation circle again.

Please remember that you are responsible for backing up your data. Hard drives crash. If you are working from a local or external hard drive, please back up that data to the server folder or another hard drive periodically. When you are done working on the project, please remember to delete any backups you no longer need and efficiently archive the project's assets. Purge any unneeded materials before you perform the final archive (ie. don't store all 600 versions of the same thing when the last version has really all that's ever needed.)