Undoing the 3D Effect Post Editing in FCP

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Once the 3D material has been rendered, edited and exported according to the desired degree of convergence, one stream of footage may be stripped from the other, effectively uncoupling the streams. This activity would result in a single, completely edited and ready for export version of the 3D footage in 2D. This provides an efficient control against which the identical 3D set can be compared.

In order to obtain the mirror 2D version of the 3D clip, the original project file containing the 3D footage must be reopened and divided. This will ultimately require re-rendering, which can again be time consuming. This process is carried out by re-opening the project file in the timeline window and double clicking the footage. This will open the component sub-clips which enable the 3D function in the videos. Once the sub-clip is open in the timeline window, it must be opened in the Viewer window to access the video filters command. Once in the video filters function, the 3D function must be disabled to remove the second polarized stream of video. Once the 3D function is disengaged, the Viewer may be closed and the sub-clip in the timeline window will return to 2D footage only. At this point, the video must simply be re-rendered and exported as previously described.

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